Independence day — with hugs — for Nebraska nursing home residents as COVID cases drop

From the Omaha World-Herald

Dwight Fry’s recent 93rd birthday also marked a new sort of independence day for the nursing home resident.

Thanks to the drastic decline in COVID-19 cases in nursing homes that has followed in the wake of vaccinations, he was able to go on an outing with his daughter for the first time in more than a year.

Fry capped off that doubly celebratory day two weeks ago with his favorite treat — a big slice of homemade coconut cream pie. But the best part of all were the hugs.

“It was just super exciting for all of us,” said Lalah Landers, Fry’s daughter. “It really was a great, great birthday gift.”

The sharp drop in COVID-19 cases in nursing homes is now not only saving lives, it’s helping residents reconnect with the loved ones they’ve been isolated from for more than a year.

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